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High Throughput DNA Extraction

The DNA Factory has the capability to perform two different methods of 96-well format DNA purification. The difference between these two methods is the amount of final DNA concentration obtained, endotoxin purification capabilities, and overall cost.

    Standard Purity High Purity
Validated Applications Recombinational cloning
Restriction digests
PCR templates
Sanger Sequencing
Next Generation Sequencing
Transfections -
DNA array printing -
Protein expression -
Endotoxin free -
Turnaround time-bacterial pellet to DNA 2 plates 2 hours 2 hours
4 plates 3.5 hours 3.5 hours
2 plates normalized - 9.5 hours
4 plates normalized - 11.25 hours
DNA Quality OD 260/280 1.89±0.05 1.79±0.07
DNA Quantity Average Concentration
85±14.1 ng/ul*
Average Concentration Normalized DNA - 1000±11.7ng/ul*
Price DNA prep $134.41  $321.05
Representative Gel Image  
Quality Document   Standard Quality High Throughput DNA Preps High Quality High Throughput DNA Preps
3 DNA can be normalized to a values up to 1200ng/ul in 20ul of water
DNA eluted in 70ul of elution buffer
DNA eluted in 300ul of elution buffer