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NAPPA Core Facility and Equipment

We use advanced robotic systems for each step of our NAPPA array production and screening. By using automation, we can increase throughput and reproducibility while decreasing human error. We currently can produce and screen over 10,000 NAPPA arrays per year. This number will increase as our ability to produce DNA quickly is aided by the DNA Factory.

Overview of Facility: For protein microarray production and processing, we have two Tecan Power Scanners, two Genetix QArray2 instruments for slide spotting and printing, and four Tecan HSPro Automated Slide Processing units (48 slide capacity per run). In addition, to produce the DNA necessary for printing the arrays, our NAPPA Service Core facility also has a HighRes Biosolutions Dual NanoCell (aka the DNA Factory), fully automated DNA preparation system that includes three Liconic automated 800RPM/37C incubators, one automated Liconic automated -20C freezer, three Denso fully articulated robotic arms, two Heraus robotic centrifuges, two Thermo Wellmate bulk dispensers, one Thermo combi bulk dispenser, two KBio Wasp automated plate sealers, one Nexus automated plate pealer, one Molecular Devices DTX880 Plate Reader, one Beckman Biomek FX dual arm 96/SPAN 8 liquid Handler, one EL405 plate washer, and two ambient automated plate storage hotels.

The major steps in NAPPA production that are automated include:

DNA Factory


Roll over the numbers in the diagram below to see a detailed photo and a description of each piece of equipment in the factory. Check out the DNA Factory in action here or on YouTube.


NAPPA Array Production

We have two Genetix Arrayers that can each print 90 slides at one time. Arraying environment is strictly humidity controlled for consistent print quality. ~2,304 spots can be printed on each slide. Typically genes are spotted in triplicate and controls without plasmid are included for normalization. Scroll over the photo on the right for a close up image of printed slides.


Serum Screening

The Tecan HS 4800 Pro is used to express and screen NAPPA slides. With two HS Pro machines, we can process 48 slides at one time. Scroll over each of the components in the image on the left for more information.

Slide Scanning

Using one of our two Tecan Scanners we can queue 48 slides to be scanned at one time. DNA printing is visualized by picogreen and protein display is visualized by GST antibody staining as part of our quality control in the slides below.