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January 2014:
We will be presenting a poster at the 2014 SLAS Conference about our High Throughput DNA preparation services. Visit our poster 258 on Monday January 20th.

September 2013:
The NAPPA Protein Array Core formed a new collaboration with Emory University.

July 2013:
Presented at the HighRes Biosolutions user group meeting in Boston, MA.

April 2013:
Proteins are expressed using a new system extracted from human HeLa cells (1-Step Human Coupled in vitro translation) from Thermo Scientific. Take a look at our publication describing our use of this lysate to display protein on the NAPPA arrays.

March 2013:
In collaboration with HighRes Biosolutions, we have installed a robotic DNA preparation system called the DNA Factory. This unique system allows us to prep 4,800 plasmids in 72 hours with limited technician intervention. Within the next few months, high throughput DNA preparation services will be available to the research community.