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Biological Applications

Miersch S, Bian X, Wallstrom G, Sibani S, Logvinenko T, Wasserfall CH, Schatz D, Atkinson M, Qiu J, Labaer J. (2013) Serological autoantibody profiling of type 1 diabetes by protein arrays. J Proteomics. 2013 Oct 19. pii: S1874-3919(13)00530-7. doi: 10.1016/j.jprot.2013.10.018. [Epub ahead of print] Abstract

Xiaobo Yu, Garrick Wallstrom, Dewey Mitchell Magee, Ji Qiu, D. Eliseo A. Mendoza, Jie Wang, Xiaofang Bian, Morgan Graves, and Joshua LaBaer. Quantifying antibody binding on protein microarrays using microarray nonlinear calibration. Biotechniques. 2013 May;54(5):257-64. doi: 10.2144/000114028. (Abstract)

Wallstrom G, Anderson KS, and LaBaer J.  Biomarker Discovery for Heterogeneous Diseases.  Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention.  In Press.  Accepted Feb 26, 2013. (Abstract)

Manzano-Roman R, Diaz-Martin V, Gonzalez-Gonzalez M, Matarraz S, Alvarez-Prado AF, Labaer J, Orfao A, Perez-Sanchez R, Fuentes M. Self-assembled protein arrays from an ornithodos moubata salivary gland expression library. J Proteome Res 2012/11/13. doi: 10.1021/pr300696h/ [Epub ahead of print] (Abstract)

Gibson DS, Qiu J, Mendoza EA, Barker K, Rooney ME, LaBaer J. Circulating and synovial antibody profiling of juvenile arthritis patients by nucleic acid programmable protein arrays. Arthritis Res Ther. Apr 17;14(2):R77. [Epub ahead of print] (Abstract)

Wright C, Sibani S, Trudgian D, Fischer R, Kessler B, LaBaer J, Bowness P. Detection of multiple autoantibodies in patients with ankylosing spondylitis using nucleic Acid programmable protein arrays. Mol Cell Proteomics. 11 (2), M9.00384. (Abstract)

Anderson KS, Sibani S, Wallstrom G, Qiu J, Mendoza EA, Raphael J, Hainsworth E, Montor WR, Wong J, Park JG, Lokko N, Logvinenko T, Ramachandran N, Godwin AK, Marks J, Engstrom P, Labaer J. (2011) Protein Microarray Signature of Autoantibody Biomarkers for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer. J Proteome Res Jan 7;10(1):85-96. Epub 2010 Nov 23. (Abstract)

Anderson KS, Wong J, D'Souza G, Riemer AB, Lorch J, Haddad R, Pai SI, Longtine J, McClean M, LaBaer J, Kelsey KT, Posner M. (2011) Serum antibodies to the HPV16 proteome as biomarkers for head and neck cancer. Br J Cancer Jun 7;104(12):1896-905. (Abstract)

Ceroni A, Sibani S, Baiker A, Pothineni VR, Bailer SM, LaBaer J, Haas J, Campbell CJ. (2010) Systematic analysis of the IgG antibody immune response against varicella zoster virus (VZV) using a self-assembled protein microarray. Mol Biosyst Sep;6(9):1604-10. Epub 2010 Jun 1. (Abstract)

Montor WR, Huang J, Hu Y, Hainsworth E, Lynch S, Kronish JW, Ordonez CL, Logvinenko T, Lory S, LaBaer J. (2009) Genome-wide study of Pseudomonas aeruginosa outer membrane protein immunogenicity using self-assembling protein microarrays. Infection and Immunity Nov;77(11):4877-86. Epub 2009 Sep 8. (Abstract)

Anderson KS, Ramachandran N, Wong J, Raphael JV, Hainsworth E, Demirkan G, Cramer D, Aronzon D, Hodi FS, Harris L, Logvinenko T, LaBaer J. (2008) Application of protein microarrays for multiplexed detection of antibodies to tumor antigens in breast cancer. J Proteome Res. 7(4):1490-9. Epub 2008 Feb 27. (Abstract)

Ramachandran N, Anderson KS, Raphael JV, Hainsworth E, Sibani S, Montor WR, Pacek M, Wong J, Elianne M, Sanda MG, Hu Y, Lovinenko T, Labaer J. (2008) Tracking humoral responses using self assembling protein microarrays. Proteomics Clin. Appl. (10/11): 1518-1527. (Abstract)

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NAPPA Methods and Technology Development

Wang J, Barker K, Steel J, Park J, Saul J, Festa F, Wallstrom G, Yu X, Bian X, Anderson KS, Figueroa J, Labaer J, Qiu J. A versatile protein microarray platform enabling antibody profiling against denatured proteinsProteomics Clin Appl. 2012 Oct 2. doi: 10.1002/prca.201200062. [Epub ahead of print] (Abstract)

Festa F, Rollins SM, Vatten K, Hathaway M, Lorenz P, Mendoza EA, Yu X, Qui J, Kilmer G, Jensen P, Webb B, Ryan ET, LaBaer J - Robust microarray production of freshly expressed proteins in a human milieu. Proteomics Clin Appl. 2012 Oct 2. doi: 10.1002/prca.201200063. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 23027544 (Abstract)

Takulapalli BR, Qiu J, Magee DM, Kahn P, Brunner A, Barker K, Means S, Miersch S, Bian X, Mendoza A, Festa F, Syal K, Park JG, LaBaer J, and Wiktor P. High Density Diffusion-Free Nanowell Arrays. Journal of Proteome Research,  2012 Aug 3;11(8):4382-91. Epub 2012 Jul 13.  PMID: 22742968 (Abstract)

Miersch S, and Labaer J. (2011) Nucleic Acid programmable protein arrays: versatile tools for array-based functional protein studies. Curr Protoc Protein Sci. Apr;Chapter 27:Unit27.2. (Abstract)

Qiu J, Labaer J. (2011) Nucleic Acid programmable protein array a just-in-time multiplexed protein expression and purification platform. Methods Enzymolgy 500:151-63. (Abstract)

Sibani S, and Labaer J. (2011) Immunoprofiling Using NAPPA Protein Microarrays. Methods Mol Biol. 723:149-61. (Abstract)

Wong, J., Sibani, S., Lokko, N. N., LaBaer, J., and Anderson, K. S. (2009) Rapid detection of antibodies in sera using multiplexed self-assembling bead arrays. Journal of Immunological Methods 350, (1-2), 171-182. Abstract

Ramachandran N, Raphael JV, Hainsworth E, Demirkan G, Fuentes MG, Rolfs A, Hu Y, Labaer J. (2008) Next-generation high-density self-assembling functional protein arrays. NatMethods (5):535.

Ramachandran N, Srivastava S, Labaer J. (2008) Applications of protein microarrays for biomarker discovery. Proteomics Clin. Appl. (10/11): 1444-1459. (Abstract)

Ramachandran N, Hainsworth E, Demirkan G, LaBaer J.(2006) On-chip protein synthesis for making microarrays. Methods Mol Biol. 2006;328:1-14. (Abstract)

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Reviews and Book Chapters

Lee, J. R.; Magee, D. M.; Gaster, R. S.; LaBaer, J.; Wang, S. X., Emerging protein array technologies for proteomics. Expert review of proteomics 2013, 10, (1), 65-75. (Abstract)

Qiu, J. and Anderson, KS, Proteomic and Metabolomic Approaches to Biomarker Discovery, Autoantibodies and Biomarker Discovery, Editors Haleem Issaq and Tim Veenstra,  Academic Press: 2012 

Ramachandran N, Srivastava S, Labaer J. (2008) Applications of protein microarrays for biomarker discovery. Proteomics Clin. Appl. (10/11): 1444-1459.

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