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Standard NAPPA Arrays

The NAPPA Core has a number of different standard arrays available that encompass an entire collection on a pre-set array. Arrays are printed in batches of 90 or 180 slides, with 4 slides being used for QC per set of 90. Learn more about NAPPA Technology here.

The standard arrays that the NAPPA Core currently has available are:

  • Human Collection - available for purchase in variable batch sizes
  • Breast Cancer 1000
  • Vibro Cholera
  • Tuberculosis
  • Pathway Array - coming soon

For information on how much arrays cost, please click here or contact the Core Manager


Custom NAPPA Arrays

The NAPPA Core also offers custom built arrays. We realize that everyone's research is unique and sometimes the need for an array built specifically for your project is the best way to go. The first step is to browse through our plasmid repository at DNASU to search for your desired targets. For more information on custom arrays, contact the Core Manager.